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Your start of contract checklist

Congratulations on taking out a car finance contract with PSA Finance! We hope you enjoy your new vehicle.

Before you set off, we advise you complete the following checklist to avoid any future charges. When your contract comes to an end, you could incur extra costs for excess mileage or damage, or if certain items supplied with the car are missing.

On the day your car is collected, the agent will complete a condition report. It's important for you to be present, as you will be expected to read and sign the report.

To help you avoid additional charges, we've prepared this simple checklist of items you will be expected to return with the vehicle:

  • Master key and spare key
  • Fully complete service book (which must be stamped)
  • MOT certificate (all vehicles three years or older require at least two months cover or an abort charge of £135 may be levied)
  • Logbook (V5C document)

Remember, it's your contractual obligation to return these items with your car. We cannot accept them if they are returned after the vehicle.

person completing a checklist

Additional charges

Typical charges for missing items:

 Literature pack £25
 Service book £25
 Service history £200 (per service)


 Compressor (in place of spare wheel) £140
 Puncture repair kit £45
 V5C £100


Below is an example of the typical charges you could incur for damage. Find out more in our fair, wear and tear article:

 Alloy wheel repair £65 (per alloy)
 Alloy wheel repair £16 (per trim)
 Valet for excessively soiled vehicles £50

Mobility Pass

Designed for Electric Vehicle customers financing through Personal Contract Hire, Mobility Pass allows you to build a fund towards the occasional rental of a petrol or diesel vehicle. With a 33% bonus that we will add to your fund at the start, plus eligibility for a 20% discount on all rentals from our dealers, Mobility Pass can seriously boost your spending power, when compared with standard private rental.

Helping you find your dream car

PSA Finance boasts a range of affordable ICE, HEV and PHEV vehicles. Explore our range of battery electric vehicles or contact us to find out more about leasing your next hybrid.