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Tips to save money on parking

Parking your car can be expensive, especially in locations where demand is high. At Brighton's busy train station, a day of parking will cost you almost £14. Kensington High Street's car park will cost you £5.10 per hour, while at Heathrow Airport, that figure rises to £7. However, with a little preparation (and the right connections) you can become a parking master. 

Whether you're looking for parking at a train station, in a city centre or at the airport, this simple guide is designed to help you find a space for the lowest possible price.

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How to save (and make) money on parking 

Our partnership with YourParkingSpace gives PSA Finance customers access to over 250,000 flexible parking spaces, not just in London, but in high-demand locations across the UK. 

As well as saving you money on parking, YourParkingSpace could help you earn some extra income. If you have a driveway, parking space or lock-up garage, especially in a high-demand area like those mentioned above, you might consider renting it out. To find out how much your parking space could be worth, use our earnings calculator.


Parking at train stations

Most stations offer car parking with daily, weekly, monthly and annual payment options. There are usually alternative off-peak prices too. 

To be clear on your options, it's always advisable to check your station's website before travelling. If you're planning on using the car park at your station, pre-booking your ticket is best, but remember, it won't guarantee you a parking space.

Station car parks get very busy during peak travel times, so one way to save time and money is to rent a parking space nearby.


Parking at airports

Airport parking can offer a bewildering range of parking options. Choosing one that suits your needs depends on various factors, like the nature and length of your trip, how much luggage you're taking, and whether you're travelling with children. 

As with station parking, it's always best to research before setting off and, if possible, book in advance. For those needing airport parking, the main options are:

  • On-airport parking. Ideal for passengers with lots of luggage or requiring close proximity to the airport. On-airport parking is generally a mid-price option. 
  • Park and ride. This option adds time to your journey but is a great choice for those on a budget. 
  • Meet and greet/valet. A good choice for families and business travellers. Meet and greet is highly convenient but generally costs more. 
  • Rent a parking space nearby. If you're looking for flexible, cheap airport parking, this could be the option for you. 

Flex & Free now available

Flex & Free gives customers the flexibility to change their car more frequently. Based on a standard Contract Hire agreement, but with the flexibility to change vehicle from the 6th month, without penalty (subject to condition and mileage).

Parking in London

Just like any big city, finding cheap parking in Central London can seem like an impossible task. Planning and preparation are key, so it's worth researching the closest car parks to your destination before setting off. 

London's parking restrictions are rigorously enforced, so to avoid being towed or incurring a parking penalty, it's worth considering the following:

  • Check your car isn't causing obstruction or danger to other vehicles or pedestrians. 
  • Never park on a pavement/verge or pedestrian area unless a sign indicates you can. 
  • Never park on zig zag markings. 
  • Always park within your parking bay and follow the signed instructions regarding payment.
  • Never park in a bay if the ticket machine is out of order. 

In addition to London's parking fees, you also need to consider the congestion charge. Full details of congestion charge zones and how to pay are available at TfL online.

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to car parks or designated parking bays in Central London, you might consider renting a parking space, either for a short stay or longer term.